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Who We Are

Alon Tirer, Co-Founder & CEO, Efrat

Alon Tirer serves as the CEO of Efrat Residence and plays a pivotal role in promoting urban revitalization and excellence in the Israeli real estate industry. He is also a member of the founding team of Ledgertech, a globally recognized embedded insurance platform. As a former dedicated member of the 'Golani' Infantry Brigade, Alon utilizes his expertise to support the mission of the Israeli army and work towards a brighter future for the state of Israel.

Ben Hizak, COO, Cherre

Ben Hizak is the Chief Operating Officer at Cherre, a leading real estate data platform. With over 7.5 years of experience, he oversees operations, strategy, and product development. Ben's mission is to empower clients with data-driven insights and transform the real estate industry through technology innovation.

Michael Van Der Plas

Michael Van Der Plas is a pilot academy student with rich experience in management at various companies, including "Yoel Geva", the largest private school company in Israel. Michael served as a commander of new recruits in the army, commanding hundreds of soldiers during his service.

Joeri Kreisberg, Attorney, Partner at Arnon, Tadmor-Levy

Joeri Kreisberg is a seasoned attorney and partner at Arnon, Tadmor-Levy, a prestigious law firm in Israel. His practice is dedicated to startups and emerging growth companies, where he provides expert legal counsel. Originally from the Netherlands, Joeri now resides in Israel with his family, which includes three children, two of whom are currently serving in the military.

David Greenwald, Adv 

David Greenwald, Adv, is a distinguished professional with a background in law and political science, including an L.LB degree with distinction from Bar Ilan University and an M.A. from the Faculty of Political Science. He has also served as a military journalist in the Israel Defense Forces and worked as a journalist at Channel 10.

Jonathan M. Oren, Co-Founder & CTO, QWiser

Jonathan is a data science and software engineering expert, holding an honors degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship. As the Co-Founder and CTO of QWiser, he pioneered the development of an innovative AI-driven educational tool. Leveraging his deep understanding of technology and analytics, Jonathan contributes his expertise to our mission, helping us make a meaningful impact through data-driven strategies and advanced technical solutions.

Hagar Dekel, Public Relations 

Hagar Dekel is the head of the influencers devision in teenk, one of Israel’s leading marketing agencies. In her military service, she served in the attack cells of the Gaza devision.

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